Saturday, December 26, 2009

Around Christmas I see the phrase " I believe" in reference to Santa Clause. I however feel the reference should be about The Baby Jesus instead.

I Believe.

Monday, December 7, 2009

"No more ring around the collar"

I was scrubbing out a stain on my shirt today and was reminded of a commercial from when I was a kid that was funny to me then. It's for Whisk and this man was on a boat and the stewardess loosens up his tie and tells him he has "ring around the collar". lol I guess nobody talks about that anymore as probably 90% of men don't wear white shirts with ties anymore. Times sure do change. Here is the original commercial from way back when.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

One last post

I made this snowflake purse recently for fun, have no clue what to do with it but making purses is just fun for me. :)

I have been in many craft swaps lately and here are a few things I have made and some I have recieved

Here are a few swap items I have made and swapped with other crafters. I made the treek quilt with the circles. I have never quilted before and I did the free motion quilting and binding for the first time. I am happy with what I made. I in turn recieved a wonderful tree quilt too but it is interactive. I can switch out the seasons and leaves, so fun.
The other recent swap was a Dr Seuss inspired swap. I made some glass pendants, knitted/felted Cat in the Hat mini hat, charm bracelet, machine embroidered hot pad and small ring. In return I got some glass pendants too, an awesome Seuss inspired piece of pottery, an insporational wall hanging, and a journal made from a Seuss book. All great stuff and fun swaps.

New blanket

I embroidered a new blanket last night. I love the lime green color so much, it matches my kitchen but I don't need a blanket in my kitchen.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Last month of the year

Wow, how fast did this year go by. Christmas is knocking at the door and I'm not ready to open it yet. lol

Today we had snow, a small amount..well...errrr... more like flurrries for a little while. It was nice and I'm afraid that is it for us and snow this year. Maybe an ice storm may come our way in the new year.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy turkey day

Best wished to all on this yummy day. :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New pics of the kiddos

Nicholas, he's such a cutie.

I have a comparison of Daph from age 4 I think and 10 now. She sure has changed.

Yay!!! I finally learned how

I have wanted to change my background to something other than the Blogspot stock layouts and now I have a cool background. I came across a site on another blog for cool backgrounds and it took seconds to switch it over. It took a lot longer to decide on which one to use but for now this one is pretty. I am happy now. :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

New glass pieces

I made these two in my fused glass class a couple weeks ago. I really enjoyed that class and hope to take some more. One is a frame and I will be putting a mirror behind it and maybe put this piece in our hall bath as it matches the decor in there. The other is a small shallow bowl that was once flat and slumped to be a bowl.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My dog has a Ratta Ratta

Our dog Sadie has the funniest growl and it sounds like she is saying "ratta ratta". We first heard it when she was a puppy and she saw a cat at our front door. We thought she would bark and scare the cat but instead her ratta ratta came out.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. Hubby is out of town until tonight, I hope he walks in with a cake. :) My kiddos are so cute, they made me pistachio pudding since they couldn't make me a cake. I think that has to be the sweetest thing ever. That to me is the best gift anyone could ever give me, just knowing that my kiddos are very thoughtful and wanted to make my day special in the only way they could.

I also took Sadie to obedience training and that went okay, she could have done better but she needs some work to become an obedient dog. Oh and today, she peed on her bed again. She peed on it last night so I washed it this morning and gave it back to her this afternoon after it dried. I took her out to go potty and she didn't need to go. No more than 5 minutes later she had already peed on it again. arg!! What is with her and peeing on her bed, I'm tired of washing it. I am not giving it back to her for several days, make her forget about it. She is very unhappy right now and wants her bed.

Only 4 more hours to Eric coming home, the kids will not want to go to bed until he is here. I need to clean and pick up before he gets home.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Couple new purses and accessories

Purse and accessories I made for a swap. A knitted and felted watermelon purse. It still needs a lining but almost finished.

Pics of our latest crafts

These are the items we put in resin, way to much fun.

I'm on Etsy now

I have been working on a new purse pattern and finally got it all written up and am selling it in my Etsy shop. I'm so excited, wish me luck.

School's almost out

I am shocked at how quickly the 2008-2009 school year has gone. I can't believe Nicholas will be in 7th grade next year. He was inducted in the National Junior Honor Society this past week. He also tried out for symphonic band for next year, we won't know until during the summer whether he made it or not. Next year will be a busy year for sure. We are thinking of putting Daphne back in school in the fall and starting her out in 4th grade again and also at a different school. It has not been decided but we are thinking on it. Otherwise she is excited about summer too and going swimming.

Daph and I have been playing with resin lately, we have been making all sorts of goodies and fun things with it. I'll post pics later.

Tomorrow we start dog training classes as Sadie needs some leash training in a major way. I hope she does well. We took her out for a long walk today and took her to a field and let her run wild, she loved it. What was so funny was a bird for some reason started to dive bomb her. Sadie would run by and the bird would swoop down and chirp at her. I wish I had a video camera for that one. Sadie didn't seemed bothered by it, it was just a bird. lol

I know, I'm behind on catching up on my shows but I finished watching The Celebrity Apprentice and was so disappointed that Joan Rivers won. I would never have wasted my time watching it if I had only known. What a set up and rigged show. We also watched Lost last week and that was pretty good, very exiciting ending. I can't wait for next season. I am all caught up now. Harpers Island still has several episodes to go and I like that one, I can't figure out who the killer is on that show.

Okay, I have a gripe today. People who drive cars to fast in neighborhoods just irritate me to no end. Daph and I were out walking and I see this man in a white Mustang going at least 45mph down a 30mph street. He kept going back and forth and when I was at the end of the street and I yelled at him to slow down. I know lots of kids play around here and sometimes they do run out in the street. Is he just waiting till he hits a kid one day? argh!!
Okay, rant over.

We also got some guinea pigs, a few weeks ago actually. First we bought one at Petsmart and it died within 4 days, we were all so heartbroken. The kids wanted another one so we got from a local pet store who only gets one in at a time and so far so good. We have 2 girl guinea pigs and they are so fun, more than I expected.

Time to watch WipeOut with the kiddos. Bye for now.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not to chatty

I'm just not a wordsy person so it's hard for me to keep up this blog and not to mention my life is pretty boring. I'll keep it short and simple. We took the kids to the air show last week. I was impressed with the acrobatics of the planes. The kids enjoyed it quite a bit and would have liked it more if they could have gotten closer to the planes but they were roped off.
Nicholas got an academic all star award again this baseball season for having all A's this past year. Way to go Nick. Daph is working hard at school and getting better with her multiplication tables. The kids at the schools just took the TAKS and I know she is glad she didn't have to this year. I think I may have her take a pratice one here at home to see how she is doing based on Texas Assessment. She is looking forward to summer but we will still work on math to keep up her skills.
Nicholas has a bday tomorrow, the big 12, next year he will be a full blown teenager. *sigh* I can't believe he has grown up so fast. Not much else is going on. I'll just update with some photos.

May time more crafting time

Travek purse a friend asked me to make for her trip to Vegas.

Diaper bag for another friend who wanted an inconspicuous diaper bag. lol

And new spring purses.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oops..didn't add the front of the keychain holder

I don't know what I was thinking, I forgot the front of the pocket keychain. Here it is.

New Fabrics

New fabrics

I bought some new fabric yesterday and I ordered some online so I hope those come soon. I have been working on a two new swaps. They are both from the movie Coraline and from two different places. I am having so much fun with it but can't post any info since my partners may peek at my blog. Once I am finished and have sent them off I'll post them. I did however make something super cool, a keychain pocket thingy. I even put my initial on it, it is super handy.

Nicholas recently got an award for the poem he wrote. Schools all around the US have a program called "Reflections" and it is to encourage students to find their creative side. He wrote a poem in five minutes so he could quickly get an entry in and he got an award. Pretty cool! Next year he is going to take more time to work on something he submits.

Daph has started writing what she calls songs but they are more like mini poems I think. To my surprise they are very good for a 9 year old, very insightful. Not that it surprises me about her writing but I figured it would have been about ponies and dolls. lol They are really awesome.

I need to get back to sewing, I am working on a custom diaper bag for a friend.
New Key chain pocket

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lets try posting pics on a new post. Having trouble with the other postie.

I'll try to post them later, still having issues.

Lots to catch up on

Time flies when you are super busy like me. We had a great Christmas and New Year. On Jan 6, Eric and I had our 13 wedding anniversary. Wow, 13 years.
I've been busy sewing up a storm lately. I have made some new purses and I tried my hand at quilting to which I failed miserably. If I'm not to embarrassed I'll post a pic of my half done quilt thingy. lol Tomorrow is Valentines day and I have no clue what to do, maybe I'll do something fun with the kids and cooking. I have this cute fondue set that I could have the kids dip fruit in.
Lent is on the horizon which means for me, meat once a day and no snacking in between meals. ugh!! I don't know what to give up yet but I'm sure I can find something like...COFFEE!!
I started reading the Twilight book saga by Stephanie Meyer and was intranced for 2 weeks reading all four books. They were great books and I was left sad when I finished the last book. No more Edward. lol j/k I recommend them, they were great for reading. The movie was okay but the book was better. Now I'm reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer, so far so good.
Yesterday we saw the movie Coraline and Daph really enjoyed it but I don't recommend it for little kids as it can be a bit scary. I hope to get in on a swap soon. I hope I hope I hope. :)
Lets see, oh ya, at Bunco last night I won $20.00..yay me! I can always use a little extra cash for my fabric obsession.

Okay, time to get back to homeschooling. Here are some of my recent purse projects. I'll post new soap pics later.
First off a donut pincushion I made for a swap partner. She said she wanted a pincushion that looked like something real so I made her a donut. lol