Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oops..didn't add the front of the keychain holder

I don't know what I was thinking, I forgot the front of the pocket keychain. Here it is.

New Fabrics

New fabrics

I bought some new fabric yesterday and I ordered some online so I hope those come soon. I have been working on a two new swaps. They are both from the movie Coraline and from two different places. I am having so much fun with it but can't post any info since my partners may peek at my blog. Once I am finished and have sent them off I'll post them. I did however make something super cool, a keychain pocket thingy. I even put my initial on it, it is super handy.

Nicholas recently got an award for the poem he wrote. Schools all around the US have a program called "Reflections" and it is to encourage students to find their creative side. He wrote a poem in five minutes so he could quickly get an entry in and he got an award. Pretty cool! Next year he is going to take more time to work on something he submits.

Daph has started writing what she calls songs but they are more like mini poems I think. To my surprise they are very good for a 9 year old, very insightful. Not that it surprises me about her writing but I figured it would have been about ponies and dolls. lol They are really awesome.

I need to get back to sewing, I am working on a custom diaper bag for a friend.
New Key chain pocket

Friday, February 13, 2009

Lets try posting pics on a new post. Having trouble with the other postie.

I'll try to post them later, still having issues.

Lots to catch up on

Time flies when you are super busy like me. We had a great Christmas and New Year. On Jan 6, Eric and I had our 13 wedding anniversary. Wow, 13 years.
I've been busy sewing up a storm lately. I have made some new purses and I tried my hand at quilting to which I failed miserably. If I'm not to embarrassed I'll post a pic of my half done quilt thingy. lol Tomorrow is Valentines day and I have no clue what to do, maybe I'll do something fun with the kids and cooking. I have this cute fondue set that I could have the kids dip fruit in.
Lent is on the horizon which means for me, meat once a day and no snacking in between meals. ugh!! I don't know what to give up yet but I'm sure I can find something like...COFFEE!!
I started reading the Twilight book saga by Stephanie Meyer and was intranced for 2 weeks reading all four books. They were great books and I was left sad when I finished the last book. No more Edward. lol j/k I recommend them, they were great for reading. The movie was okay but the book was better. Now I'm reading The Host by Stephanie Meyer, so far so good.
Yesterday we saw the movie Coraline and Daph really enjoyed it but I don't recommend it for little kids as it can be a bit scary. I hope to get in on a swap soon. I hope I hope I hope. :)
Lets see, oh ya, at Bunco last night I won $20.00..yay me! I can always use a little extra cash for my fabric obsession.

Okay, time to get back to homeschooling. Here are some of my recent purse projects. I'll post new soap pics later.
First off a donut pincushion I made for a swap partner. She said she wanted a pincushion that looked like something real so I made her a donut. lol