Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. Hubby is out of town until tonight, I hope he walks in with a cake. :) My kiddos are so cute, they made me pistachio pudding since they couldn't make me a cake. I think that has to be the sweetest thing ever. That to me is the best gift anyone could ever give me, just knowing that my kiddos are very thoughtful and wanted to make my day special in the only way they could.

I also took Sadie to obedience training and that went okay, she could have done better but she needs some work to become an obedient dog. Oh and today, she peed on her bed again. She peed on it last night so I washed it this morning and gave it back to her this afternoon after it dried. I took her out to go potty and she didn't need to go. No more than 5 minutes later she had already peed on it again. arg!! What is with her and peeing on her bed, I'm tired of washing it. I am not giving it back to her for several days, make her forget about it. She is very unhappy right now and wants her bed.

Only 4 more hours to Eric coming home, the kids will not want to go to bed until he is here. I need to clean and pick up before he gets home.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Couple new purses and accessories

Purse and accessories I made for a swap. A knitted and felted watermelon purse. It still needs a lining but almost finished.

Pics of our latest crafts

These are the items we put in resin, way to much fun.

I'm on Etsy now

I have been working on a new purse pattern and finally got it all written up and am selling it in my Etsy shop. I'm so excited, wish me luck.

School's almost out

I am shocked at how quickly the 2008-2009 school year has gone. I can't believe Nicholas will be in 7th grade next year. He was inducted in the National Junior Honor Society this past week. He also tried out for symphonic band for next year, we won't know until during the summer whether he made it or not. Next year will be a busy year for sure. We are thinking of putting Daphne back in school in the fall and starting her out in 4th grade again and also at a different school. It has not been decided but we are thinking on it. Otherwise she is excited about summer too and going swimming.

Daph and I have been playing with resin lately, we have been making all sorts of goodies and fun things with it. I'll post pics later.

Tomorrow we start dog training classes as Sadie needs some leash training in a major way. I hope she does well. We took her out for a long walk today and took her to a field and let her run wild, she loved it. What was so funny was a bird for some reason started to dive bomb her. Sadie would run by and the bird would swoop down and chirp at her. I wish I had a video camera for that one. Sadie didn't seemed bothered by it, it was just a bird. lol

I know, I'm behind on catching up on my shows but I finished watching The Celebrity Apprentice and was so disappointed that Joan Rivers won. I would never have wasted my time watching it if I had only known. What a set up and rigged show. We also watched Lost last week and that was pretty good, very exiciting ending. I can't wait for next season. I am all caught up now. Harpers Island still has several episodes to go and I like that one, I can't figure out who the killer is on that show.

Okay, I have a gripe today. People who drive cars to fast in neighborhoods just irritate me to no end. Daph and I were out walking and I see this man in a white Mustang going at least 45mph down a 30mph street. He kept going back and forth and when I was at the end of the street and I yelled at him to slow down. I know lots of kids play around here and sometimes they do run out in the street. Is he just waiting till he hits a kid one day? argh!!
Okay, rant over.

We also got some guinea pigs, a few weeks ago actually. First we bought one at Petsmart and it died within 4 days, we were all so heartbroken. The kids wanted another one so we got from a local pet store who only gets one in at a time and so far so good. We have 2 girl guinea pigs and they are so fun, more than I expected.

Time to watch WipeOut with the kiddos. Bye for now.