Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Two scooters and one bike STOLEN

Yes, that's correct. Nicholas' new bike of 3 months was stolen from our front porch yesterday morning. Two scooters were also taken as well, one of Nicholas' and one of Daphs. Both kids were supposed to be locking them up with bike chains but had gotten lazy and weren't doing it. Some thief had the nerve to just pick and choose what they wanted from our front porch. They didn't take Daphs bike or Nicholas' Power Wing which cost more than the bike. That was the 3rd bike we had bought for Nicholas in a years time. The other two broke, if you can imagine that. So, now he has no bike and we are not running right out to buy another one. I am not bothered by the scooters but more the bike. I also can't believe our big ole dog didn't bark up a storm and let us know. She sure has a bark fest when the squirrels come in our back yard.

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missliss5/Melissa said...

No way!! How frustrating! From your front porch??? Geeeeez.

LOVED your comments on my low blood sugar story and my one from today about an endo/prescriptions. I have tried to email you about them but it isn't going through?? Shall I try again?