Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Oops, I haven't posted. :(

Okay, I've been busy as usual but there is always so much going on around here and making my self use my brain and write words is sometimes hard to do. lol I got a new haircut today, it's still about the same but a bit different and it feels great and still easy peasy to take care of when I'm in a rush. It's short but I can pin back my bangs for exercising. I bought some new fabric today for our couch cushions. I have a couch thingy that covers it and then I take the three large cushions off and cover each one of them individually with co-ordinating fabric. I like to put the cushions on top of the liner instead of tucking it into the couch crevices because it always comes out and looks messy. This way the cushions hole it down and it add some extra color and texture to the whole look. I'll post a pic maybe when it's finished.
Okay, off to take care of Daph, she hurt her foot at Nicholas' game last Saturday night and she is home recovering. It's an ugly owie.

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