Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maker Faire

The Family and I went to the Maker Faire this past weekend. The Maker Faire is run by Craftzine magazine which always has awesome crafts. It was even more awesome than I expected. I took video of the kids doing stuff but no still pics, I need to upload them first which will take some time. We saw so many neat things but one thing that was my favorite was a man who had an entire car covered in yarn. It was the coolest thing, he has had it for 3 years and has to re-do the yarn often. We also saw an artist who draws on car windows with the sand, he was making Willy Nelson when we were there. There was also a huge livesize working mousetrap that only took seconds to finish but worth seeing. Nicholas loved all the electronics and anything that had LED in or on it. Daph got the hang of spinning wool into yarn so I have to have her teach me how to do it. lol I think even hubby had a better time than he expected. There is so much to say about the event but if one ever comes your way I recommend going.

Life around here has changed so much in the past couple weeks. First of all Daphne is now being homeschooled as of a couple weeks ago. I had to pull her out as she was not being taught appropriately and a boy was harrassing her to the extent she had to defend herself and was the one getting in trouble. I had enough of that business so I pulled her out and have been teaching her myself. It is amazing how the schools have no concern but $$ in their eyes and will pass students just so they don't lose money. I am having to go back to square one with Daph and build up her foundation of math and grammar skills. Thank goodness she can read and reads very well but everything else is lacking especially math. The schools focus to much on the TAKS testing and not math in general. I have also become suspicious Daph may have dyslexia and maybe we can have her tested in the future. She's a smart girl but has trouble retaining what she is taught.
Nicholas is doing great in school, no problems there and in fact he has a high 90 average overall for the first 6 weeks of 6th grade. He started playing the trombone in the band and seems to like it quite a bit. Baseball is finishing up this weekend but he is going to be starting a program at school for trac skills. He is a fast runner and this will hopefully teach him skills to increase his speed.

Our puppy Sadie is doing great and is cuter than ever and just makes the Family complete.

I went to my Endo last week and my recent blood results show I have a spillage of enzymes in my liver. My test results have always come back great so now I worry about what is going on with my body. I have an appointment with my primary doctor which is what my endo wanted me to do so hopefully we can figure out what is going on with me. I'm sure my doctor will do some more bloodwork to be sure that those results I had were accurate, I hope they are wrong and all is well. It's scary to have something wrong and not know what it is.


missliss5/Melissa said...

Lique---ohhh, my friend, you have a lot going on. So sorry to hear about Daphne being treated unfairly at school and I think you are a wonderful mother for deciding to take her out of school and help her with EVERYTHING. Sending you a big huge hug. You are a wonderful mom. And I'm anxious to hear what the deal with the medical things that are going on. Scary. Do you have an appt soon?

Sweet Moxie said...

Yes, I have an appointment tomorrow morning but I'm sure that won't reveal anything yet. I'm sure I will have more blood work done and they will start ruling out things first. I am scared as I have tried to take care of myself all my diabetic years. I'll keep ya posted. :)